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Many homeowners think of their air conditioner and furnace as two totally independent appliances. But they’re actually integrated pieces of a system that cools, heats and circulates air throughout your home and today’s systems don’t stop with heating and cooling. They can include humidity control, air cleaning, and pinpoint temperature control. And when all components are properly matched, today’s home comfort systems can give you reliable, energy-saving comfort for years to come.

The Latest Products include:

We at American Standard manufacture a full line of air conditioning and heating products for homes and businesses. Our products are tested at several stages of design and production to ensure that they meet or exceed the highest quality standards. We strive to produce systems that supply homeowners with the highest level of comfort at the lowest possible energy consumption.

Outdoor Units

Air Conditioners

We take the worry out of home comfort. With an American Standard Allegiance air conditioner, you can glide effortlessly through a long, hot summer without giving your air conditioning system a second thought.

High efficiency saves you money. With industry leading SEER ratings, the allegiance offers the unbeatable combination of energy efficiency and lower operating costs. The higher the SEER, the greater the energy efficiency and with increases in utility rates, it only makes sense to consider higher efficiency SEER rating products.

Heat Pumps

If you want your home to be perfectly warm in the winter and perfectly cool in the summer, you need an American Standard heat pump. In the winter, the Heritage heat pump captures the heat that is always present in the outside air – even in the coldest of weather – and pumps it into your home. In the summer, it’s an air conditioner, pulling the heat out of your home and releasing it outdoors.

American Standard heat pumps enjoy high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings (SEER) and high Heating Seasonal Performance Factors (HSPF).

Gas Furnaces

For more than a century, American Standard has built heating and air conditioning products known for quality, reliability and efficiency. You’ll rest easy all winter long knowing that an American Standard gas furnace provides the warmth needed to maintain a pleasant temperature in your home.

Air Handlers

Your central air conditioning system consists of two parts. An outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The air handler is the indoor unit that circulates conditioned air throughout your home. An air handler paired with an air conditioner circulates cool air throughout your house during the summer months. When an air handler is matched with a heat pump, it works all year long, circulating cool air in the summer, and warm air in the winter. The air handler consists of a coil and an air blower.

Other Products

If you have an air conditioner or heat pump outside, you also have an indoor coil and furnace or air handler inside. The less visible parts of your system are just as important to your home’s comfort as your air conditioner or heat pump. You may also have an electronic air cleaner and a programmable thermostat.

Packaged Units

Packaged Air Conditioners

For comfort and efficiency, consider replacing your old air conditioner with a new single package model from American Standard.

A single package unit increases both the cooling and air moving components are all together in one outdoor unit.

Packaged Gas Electrics

Our packaged Gas/Electric Systems – American Standard electric unit offers you electric cooling and gas heating. In warm weather, it’s an all-electric, high efficiency air conditioner. In cold weather, it’s a two-stage natural gas or propane gas furnace, giving you the best of both energy worlds. With heating, cooling and air handling functions in one unit, a single package gas/electric may be the answer for you.

Packaged Heat Pumps

Enjoy the heat pump difference. A heat pump is both an air conditioner and a heater. In the winter it captures the heat that is always present in outside air and transfers it into your home.

In the summer, the heat pump cools your home just like any other air conditioner by pulling heat from the inside and releasing it outdoors. Just think of a heat pump as effortless heating and cooling – so efficient that you’ll never have to think about it at any time of the year.

Some of our other H.V.A.C. products include: